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Tired of lifting your canoe up onto the roof of your car
 Our single Canoe/ Kayak trailer takes boats up to 17 feet long
Various Rack options. V bars, Dinghy,Topper Racks,
Trailer can be split in to 3 parts  for easy storage
 Adjustable Lighting Board, Axle, and Racks.



 Single Canadian Canoe Trailer (vertical posts removed )

1200mm wide racks canoe sits inverted)  £1195 inc VAT & delivery

2 Kayak trailer (vertical posts fitted 1200 wide racks kayaks sit on edge) £1195 inc

4 Kayak Trailer (vertical post fitted 1500mm wide racks) £1220 inc

2 Canadian canoe Trailer (vertical post fitted 1.0m tall,1500mm wide racks £1220 inc

Aluminium box 2100 x 350 x 300mm £450  inc VAT & delivery

Aluminium box 1700 x 350 x 300mm £400.00 inc vat & delivery








       Aluminium Box 2100 x 350 x 300 locking lid £450.00 

     Aluminium Box 1700 x 350 x 300 locking lid £400.00


2 Sea kayak trailer carries boats upto 6.5 m long £1300 inc vat & delivery

                 Trailer  stored

Trailer packed for delivery